How To Start Getting Passive Income With Cryptocurrency?

I have written two beginner guides, scroll below if you already read them. The first guide is for beginners who have fiat to invest in cryptocurrency. The second guide is for beginners who have time to invest cryptocurrency. Read the guide that fits your needs to start your crypto portflio.

How To Make Passive Income In Crypto

Now that you have read the beginners guide. On this page, I will be going through in full detail the strategy I use to build a passive income stream. The passive income strategy only takes a few steps; Research, exchange, staking pool, and strategy to build (you have 4 options with this).

On the right I setup links so you can skip straight to the step you are on right now. I highly recommend not skipping any content and reading this page a few times to finally understand how all of this works.

Passive Income Strategy Steps

Research Cryptocurrency Before Investing

The first thing I do is go to and look at the top 50 coins listed. This website is completely focused on master node coins. Here are the things I look for in a coin; ROI (return on investment) under 365 days, high volume on exchanges, 500+ masternodes online, and the coin developers have a use case for it right now or making progress on their roadmap to a future use case. Does not matter if its a product, service, or something businesses can benefit from. Also, is the coin listed on any of the shared masternode services that I use? If so, is it on any of the exchanges I trust?

Side note: I would join in on a master node for a coin with less than 500 masternodes online if I got the coins for free from a faucet, airdrop, or giveaway.

Staking Pools & Shared Master Node Services

Once you have done this for at least 5 coins that pass the research test. Its time to log into the shared masternode services to see how many coins it would take to get the right amount of slots in the master node. Each service that I use have their own way of doing things. So I always have to make sure I right about my math when buying the coins I need.

I will say this, you know how much you have to invest in each coin that you researched. Signup to the services, see which one would fit you best or use more than one. Its all up to you. However, I will still give a little advice on each of the services to help you decide on using just one or all of them.

Simple POS Pool offers staking pool and shared master node service. Great for small to big investors. Master node slots are 0.1% to 1% of the masternode depending on the coin. Staking pool reward fees are 3% and shared master node reward fees are 5%. I would say has the best support staff out of all the services I use.

Staking Lab offers a staking pool, shared master node service, as well as a instant node service. Staking pool fees are reward 3% and 0.1% to withdraw out of the pool. Shared master nodes reward fee is 5%. Instant node reward fees are 7.5%, deposit fee is 3%, and withdraw fee is 0.1%. The unique thing about this service is 1 coin is the minimum for its nodes. Quick way to reinvest to build your passive income.

Stakecube offers a facuet, bounties, airdrops, lottery, staking pool, and shared master node service as well as have its own coin. This one is great for small to big investors as well as those with no crypto at all. This is where you should begin. Master node slots are 1% of the masternode. Staking pool and shared master node reward fees are 3%. 1% goes back into the community via airdrops and lottery.

Crypto Exchanges To Buy Master Node Coins

You might say this is the easy part of it all right? Well you half right. When the coin you want is listed on an exchange you trust then its a straightforward process. When the coin is only listed on an exchange you do not trust, tons of people complain about the exchange then things get interesting. Start asking yourself is it worth the risk? Should I risk my funds or pick another crypto?

If you read that and still not afraid then lets get to making some money. Below, I am going to only list the exchanges I personally use since there are far too many exchanges out there. So this list will be kept short.

Exchange #1: Binance

Binance exchange has one of the highest daily trading volume in the world. It also has its own coin (BNB), worth picking up a few since you get to save on fees if you plan on doing any trading.

Exchange #2: Coin Exchange

Coin Exchange has most of the master node coins. So I like to look at the prices on this exchange exchange as well as others. Great strategy when you trying to buy cheap or sell high.

Exchange #3: Graviex

Graviex exchange is the has a lot of the masternode and proof of stake coins available. This exchange also offers dividends in BTC if you’re holding GIO in your account.

4 Strategies To Build Passive Income

Once you have the coins, send them to the shared master node service, and make sure to put them into a master node. Now that steps 1-3 is done, lets get into the 4 strategies I have come up with to build passive income from here. Remember, you can use more than one strategy at a time. You can mix these strategies to build your portfolio how you see fit. There is no right or wrong answer when dealing with your portfolio because only you know the goals you have set for your cryptocurrency portfolio.

Strategy #1: Let It Build

This strategy is reinvesting all rewards back into a master node until you have a full master node. If you started with a whole master node then its reinvesting until you have a second master node. This the riskiest option of them all.

Strategy #3: All For One

This strategy you have to pick one of the coins you have already invested in or a new coin thats not in your portfolio. Sell all rewards from the other coins to buy more of the selected coin until you reached your goal. Once the goal is mat, pick another coin, and repeat. This method fast tracks one coin at a time.

Strategy #2: 50/50

This strategy is reinvesting 50% of the rewards back into a master node and selling 50% of the rewards. This allows you to grow your holdings of one crypto while still having funds to invest in another cryto currency.

Strategy #4: Get In, Get Out

This strategy is to sell all rewards until you have all the bitcoin back that you invested. Once you have your investment back, reinvest all rewards to grow your holdings, and pick another coin to invest the bitcoin funds. This is the safest option out of the 4 strategies.