How To Make Passive Income With Cryptocurrency has 2 beginner guides on how to get started.

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Name: Horizen Ticker: ZEN Website: Explorer: Total Supply: 21,000,000 ZEN Premine: No Algo Type: POW/MN Algorithm: Equihash Block Time: 2.5mins Block Reward: 12.5 ZEN Block Split: 10% Secure nodes, 10% Super nodes, 70% Miners,...
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Name: Dash Ticker: DASH Website: Explorer: Total Supply: 18,900,000 DASH Premine: No Algo Type: POW/MN Algorithm: X11 Block Time: 2m 50s Block Reward: 3.35 DASH Block Split: 45% POW, 45% Masternode, 10% Budget System Masternode...
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Name: Monkey Ticker: MONK Website: Explorer: Total Supply: 2,245,460 MONK Premine: 0.4% Algo Type: POS/MN Algorithm: Monkey Protocol Block Time: 1 minute Block Reward: 12.5 MONK Block Split: 15% POS, 85% Masternode Masternode Collateral: 2,000 MONK Use...
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Name: GINcoin Ticker: GIN Website: Explorer: Total Supply: 10.5m GIN Premine: 4% Algo Type: POW/MN Algorithm: Lyra2Z Block Time: 2 minutes Block Reward: 20 GIN Block Split: 50% POW, 50% Masternode Masternode Collateral: 1,000...

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Lazy Crypto Income, The Backstory

This idea behind Lazy Crypto Income by building a cryptocurrency portfolio from nothing or small investment funds to have a passive income stream was developed by a small private discord group. This wasnt a group of whales that mined bitcoin in the early days. This was a group of guys that started mining with their phones (not recommended) and gaming computers at the height of the crypto boom. Some (including myself) started mining at the beginning of the bear market seeing prices drop daily.

This is when the founder of the discord group said he will look for new coins to mine for better gains. What he found was proof of stake coins and master node coins. He jumped into the rabbit hole and we all followed. Quickly realizing we didnt have the funds to outright buy enough coins to run a master node. We collected airdrops from new coins discords, left our wallets open to get any stakes that came our way, we found staking pools, and shared master node services. Yet, this was only the beginning of the strategy.

We all made mistakes along the way but I was focused on coming up with a strategy that would allow me to build a crypto portfolio without working hard at it. Something I could do in my spare time and not really be stressed about it. Crypto is already a second income at this point, the goal is to someday make it my main income source.

So I made this website for 2 reasons. The first reason is to keep notes on everything that I am doing to grow my cryptocurrency portfolio. The second reason is to help others do the same thing. Because I know there is someone wondering the same things I did when I first started. Why not have the answers laid out for everyone to see.