Name: GINcoin
Ticker: GIN
Total Supply: 10.5m GIN
Premine: 4%
Algo Type: POW/MN
Algorithm: Lyra2Z
Block Time: 2 minutes
Block Reward: 20 GIN
Block Split: 50% POW, 50% Masternode
Masternode Collateral: 1,000 GIN
Use Case?: Yes
Exhanges: Cryptopia, Crypto Bridge
Trading Pairs: BTC, LTC, DOGE, RVN
Staking Pools: Simple POS Pool, Staking Lab

GINcoin Use Case

GINcoin provides a turnkey masternode hosting service. The platform currently supports 74 masternode coins. Their target market are investors that are either not tech savvy to run their own masternode or prefer someone else manage it for them. For the user of this service, it cost more than running a masternode on a VPS, and the fees must be paid with GIN.

Why Invest In GIN?

Masternode investors using the GIN turnkey 1 click masternode hosting service must use GIN to pay the fees. GIN is a masternode coin and normally the first masternode people invest in on the GIN platform. So there is always buyers for the coin. GIN is listed at 2 staking pools, so if you don’t have enough to buy 1,000 GIN to run a masternode. You can hop in a shared masternode at one of the staking pools.

GIN Exchanges & Volume

Currently GIN is only listed at 2 exchanges; Cryptopia and Crypto Bridge. Trading pairs are BTC, LTC, DOGE, and RVN. The daily trading volume is over 16 BTC with 70% of the trading volume for GIN at Cryptopia.

GIN Masternode

At the time of writing this review, masternode collateral is 1,000 GIN at a cost of  0.64652 BTC ($4,329.75), and the return on investment (ROI) is under 1 year.

GIN Shared Masternodes

  • Simple POS Pool: 10 GIN per share
  • Staking Lab: 1 GIN per share