Name: Monkey
Ticker: MONK
Total Supply: 2,245,460 MONK
Premine: 0.4%
Algo Type: POS/MN
Algorithm: Monkey Protocol
Block Time: 1 minute
Block Reward: 12.5 MONK
Block Split: 15% POS, 85% Masternode
Masternode Collateral: 2,000 MONK
Use Case?: Yes
Exhanges: Cryptopia, Coin Exchange, Crypto Bridge
Trading Pairs: BTC, USDT, LTC, DOGE
Staking Pools: Staking Lab, Stake United

MONK Use Case

Monkey is an investment coin, always have, and always will be. This is why the developers are set on developing a fully automated portfolio tracking app for masternode owners. Time is money and a lot of masternode owners waste time looking through each crypto wallet they own looking for balance updates. Then adding the new balances to their favorite tracking app to get a clear picture of their total crypto portfolio. With the Monkey app you will be able to get your balance, a total of your portfolio, and see the value in your local fiat currency.

Why Invest In MONK?

Masternode investors using the Monkey portfolio tracking app will look into MONK. They will have to buy 2k MONK to run a masternode. This means they will always be someone buying and selling MONK. Investors new to masternodes want coins to invest in, MONK masternode owners want to have a passive income. It goes full circle.

MONK Exchanges & Volume

Currently MONK is only listed at 3 exchanges; Cryptopia, Coin Exchange, and Crypto Bridge. Trading pairs are BTC, USDT, LTC, and DOGE. The daily trading volume is over 2 BTC with 79% of the trading volume for MONK at Cryptopia.

MONK Masternode

At the time of writing this review, masternode collateral is 2,000 MONK at a cost of 0.21134 BTC ($1,499.37), and the return on investment (ROI) is a little over 3 months.

MONK Shared Masternodes

  • Staking Lab: 1 MONK per share
  • Stake United: 100 MONK per share