The Cryptopia cryptocurrency exchange is the main exchange I use to get masternode and proof of stake coins. This beginners step by step guide will show you how to use Cryptopia. Below is a full list of what is included in this Cryptopia beginners guide.

Cryptopia Step By Step Guide Lessons

How to signup to Cryptopia
How to get verified on Cryptopia
How to deposit/withdraw in Cryptopia
How to trade on Cryptopia
Cryptopia Minimum Trade Order
Cryptopia trading fees
Cryptopia withdraw fees
Cryptopia referral program

How To Signup To Cryptopia

Click here to signup to Cryptopia. When you on the homepage, you will see the “register” button in the top right corner just like in the image below. On the register page you will need to fill out a standard form; username, email, password, confirm password, and check the agreement box for the terms and conditions. You will receive an email so check your inbox.


How To Get Verified On Cryptopia

Should I get verified on Cryptopia? Well that depends on your needs. If you trying to withdraw more than 5,000 New Zealand Dollars (NZD) a day then yes. You will need your account verified to increase your withdraw limit to 50,000 NZD. If you withdrawing less than half a bitcoin a day then you’re fine with a non-verified account.

When you log into your account in the upper right you will see the bitcoin symbol. You will need to hover over it to see the drop down menu and click on balance. Once you’re on the balance page you will see the words “daily limit” click on it. Now you will be on the user verification and have to select your country from the drop down menu. Once you have selected your country, click on the “next” button. This will bring you to the verification level 2 page. To get verified you will need to fill out the form with some basic personal information and upload a image of your I.D. or passport.

See the images below for an example on how to get to the verification page.

Cryptopia Balance Button
Step 1: Cryptopia Balance Button
Cryptopia Balance
Step 2: Cryptopia Balance
Cryptopia User Verification
Step 3: Cryptopia User Verification
Cryptopia Verification Level 2
Step 4: Cryptopia Verification Level 2

How To Deposit & Withdraw In Cryptopia

In order to deposit or withdraw you will have to go to the balance in one of the images above. You will see 4 buttons on the left of each cryptocurrency. When you find the coin you looking for, the first button from left to right is the deposit button. The second button is the withdraw button. When you click the deposit button, it will bring you to the deposit page with the deposit address for the coin you selected. When you click on the withdraw button, it will bring you to the withdraw page where you enter your wallet address and the amount you want to withdraw.

How To Trade On Cryptopia

Cryptopia has a very basic trading platform with a lot of cryptocurrency options. The only trading order that is offered is a limit order. You pick the amount and what price you want to buy or sell.

Cryptopia Minimum Trade Order

Cryptopia has 5 trading pairs; BTC, USDT, NZDT, DOGE. Each trading pair has its own trading minimum and all of them are fairly low. Which is why so many people use the exchange.

Cryptopia Trading Pairs Minimum Order

  • BTC: 0.0005
  • USDT: 1
  • NZDT: 1
  • DOGE: 100

Cryptopia Trading & Withdraw Fees

Cryptopia trading fees for both makers and takers is a flat 0.20% per trade. All Cryptopia withdraw fees are set and doesn’t really change unless the transaction fees on the blockchain change for the cryptocurrency you’re using. To find the withdraw fees you will need to go to the withdraw page for the cryptocurrency you’re looking to withdraw.

Cryptopia Referral Program

Cryptopia referral program pays 10% of all trading fees collected from the people you refer to the trading platform. Cryptopia pays the commission in Dotcoin (DOT). You can sell DOT for any of the trading pairs available on Cryptopia.

So if you’re happy with using Cryptopia and have friends or family that trade crypto. Make sure they signup through your referral link so you can earn from their trading. If you’re a crypto blogger, youtuber, internet marketer or whatever. You might want to add Cryptopia to the trading platforms you promote since 10% can go a long way in the long term.

If you haven’t already, signup to Cryptopia through my referral link by clicking here.