Best Crypto Faucets 2019

This page provides you with the best crypto faucets. Because I know not everyone have $1,000 or more to start their cryptocurrency portfolio. So I made this page aim to help you start building your crypto portfolio from nothing. I also wrote a complete beginners guide on how to get free crypto from faucets.

So if you new to crypto faucets, I will over it a little below but I highly recommend you read the beginners guide first because it goes into full details on what you need to know from how to get a wallet, which wallet to use, getting the maximum out of faucets, and more.

What Is A Crypto Faucet?

A crypto faucet gives you a small amount of crypto for completing a simple task. The simple task is mainly just clicking a claim button. Faucet sites first began with bitcoin then altcoin faucets started popping up. You can be lazy and do this once a day or be really active to get your portfolio started quickly. So remember to bookmark this page.

Before we begin you will need accounts at Faucethub and CoinPot. The reason you need these accounts is because faucets do micropayments and pay into your account at these 2 websites. Not all faucets do this but most do so make your accounts right now before you start doing the faucets.

I know everyone has a cryptocurrency they prefer so I made a few different crypto faucet lists. First I started with the main ones like; bitcoin faucet list, ethereum faucet list, bitcoin cash faucet list, and litecoin faucet list. Then I expanded to other cryptocurrencies and made a doge faucet list, dash faucet list, zcash faucet list, and monero faucet list. Randomly I find crypto faucets for other coins but not enough to make a list of their own so I made a general one called crypto faucet list. You can find the list below.

Crypto Faucet List

Faucet Coin Timer Payouts Instant/Manual Note
BTCPop 112 coins 30mins Account Instant Faucets, loans, and staking pool. 31 coins 5mins Account Instant Faucets, Autofaucets, PTC, Offerwalls, and Games.
Bithunt 30 coins 5mins Account Instant Faucets, Autofaucets, Tasks, and Games.
Stakecube 27 coins 24hrs Account Instant Faucets, bounties, and staking pool.
Xcolander 8 coins 15mins Account Instant Faucets and Lottery.
Coinbase Earn EOS Once Account Instant $10 worth, another $40 worth when you invite others.
Drug Wars STEEM Daily Wallet Instant A game you build a drug empire and earn crypto.
NEOFaucet NEO 1hr Account Instant Lose balance if you do not claim in over 30 days.
NEMFaucet NEM 1hr Account Instant Lose balance if you do not claim in over 30 days.
freeNEM NEM 1hr Account Instant you must sign up for an account.
ADAFaucet ADA 1hr Account Instant Lose balance if you do not claim in over 30 days.
HorizenFaucet ZEN 20hrs Wallet Instant You have to signup for an account.
Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet

Faucethub Tips

Tip #1: They offer an exchange within the website. To reduce the withdraw fees when moving your funds from the website to your wallet or exchange. Convert all your crypto into DOGE and withdraw it. Doge has the lowest fees and listed on most exchanges.

Tip #2: If you have a second monitor or not using your computer at the moment. Log into faucethub, click on “FREE Bitcoin”, then click on “PTCWall”, open it in a new tab, and click on “VIDEO JACKPOT”. Scroll down to the section that shows your options. I mainly click on food, reviews, or games. Let the videos run while you doing something else. This will earn you free bitcoins without doing anything for it. Also, remember to check the video jackpot page daily. Just in case you won the jackpot, you have to click “claim” in order to get it.

Tip #3: When doing the faucets a good strategy is to focus on one coin. Once you picked which coin you want, pull up all 3 auto faucets. Have those running while you do the other faucet sites manually over and over. This way you get a lot of one coin vs a little of each.

Want To Earn Passive Income?

Learn how to use your crypto funds to build a passive income. Let your crypto earn you more crypto while you're doing these faucets. Tips

Tip #1: If you plan to build a passive income. The coins you want to get are PIVX and STRAT. I recommend withdrawing PIVX and STRAT to BTCpop once you have 0.01 or more.

Tip #2: Once you log into your account. Click on “Games” then click on “Harvest” then click on “choose your worker” and use your free worker for the day. This will get you some btc if you pick a good spot.

Tip #3: After you are done with tip #2, click on “faucets” then click on “other coins” this gets you onto the full list of faucets listed on the site. Pick the coin you want and do the faucet. I like to keep this page open since I do not like going back to find it. Now click on “autofaucet & miner” then right click on “autofaucet” then click “open in new tab”. This page will show you how many auto claims you have left. None left? Just click on “get 3 more autoclaims by visiting a link” do it a few times to make sure you have enough to let the auto faucet run for awhile. Once you got enough to your liking click on “launch” and pick 1 to 3 coins for the auto faucet to claim coins for you. Remember to do the manual faucet in the other tab every 4 minutes.

Tip #4: While Tip #3 is doing its countdown until the next time you can claim your coins. Click on “PTC & OfferWall” then click on “pay to click” do all the offers. Then click on “offerwall” and see what you can get done. This is where you can pick up some btc quickly.

Tip #5: Once your account is level 10, click on “games” then “freeroll” and use your free, freeroll once a hour.