Privacy is becoming more important to people as they realize that our privacy rights are slowly being taken away little at time every year. Privacy crypto currencies help people keep their money private in this “no privacy” world that were living in.

I have taken the time to put together a list of the top 5 privacy based crypto ranked by daily trading volume and included all the information you need to know about their masternode. This will include the coin basic details like max coin supply, block time, block reward, and how the block reward is split as well as collateral amount and yearly return on investment. I will voice my opinion on each of the coin’s masternodes.


Name: PIVX
Ticker: PIVX
Max Coin Supply: No max
Block Time: 1 minute
Block Reward: 5 PIVX
Block Split: 90% MN/POS (seesaw style), 10% Budget System
Masternode Collateral: 10,000
Yearly Return On Investment: 9.64%
Where To Buy: Cryptopia

The cost to buy enough PIVX in order to run a masternode is pretty nuts at the moment. Current price of PIVX is $1.23 (or 0.00016935 BTC). This means you would need to invest  $12,384.74 (or 1.69350 BTC) to run a PIVX masternode. It would take over 10 years to have a return on investment in PIVX. Who knows how long the ROI will be in USD or BTC value. PIVX masternode currently produce 75.68 PIVX (or $91.86 a month). This is one masternode you’re really going long term investment. If you have $12k to invest and not have to worry about the money then fine. For those of you starting with less and need to build. I would look elsewhere.

4. Phore

Name: Phore
Ticker: PHR
Max Coin Supply: No max
Block Time: 1 minute
Block Reward: 7.7 PHR
Block Split: 60% MN, 40% POS
Masternode Collateral: 10,000
Yearly Return On Investment: 39.08%
Where To Buy: Cryptopia

Phore is half the cost of PIVX with a better yearly return on investment. Current price of PHR is $0.60 (or 0.00008296 BTC). This means you would need to invest $6,052.99 (or 0.82960 BTC) to run a masternode. Phore masternode currently produce 318.13 PHR (or $192.83) a month. The return on investment in PHR would be a little over 2 and half years. I would say this is a more reasonable investment given the cost and return on investment time.

3. Zcoin

Name: Zcoin
Ticker: XZC
Max Coin Supply: 21.4m
Block Time: 8m 39s
Block Reward: 50 XZC
Block Split: 30% MN, 56% POW, 14% Founders
Masternode Collateral: 1,000
Yearly Return On Investment: 24.93%
Where To Buy: Binance

Zcoin isn’t like PIVX or PHR with 10k masternode collateral. XZC only require 1,000 coins to run a masternode. Now before you think you can get this one cheap lets look at the price. The current price of XZC is $13.13 (or 0.00180041 BTC). So the total cost to run a Zcoin masternode is $13,137.18 (or 1.80041 BTC). Zcoin masternode produce 20.86 XZC (or $274.06) a month. So the cost is a little more than PIVX but with a return on investment is only 4 years.

2. Horizen

Name: Horizen
Ticker: ZEN
Max Coin Supply: 21,000,000
Block Time: 2.5mins
Block Reward: 12.5
Block Split: 10% Secure nodes, 10% Super nodes, 70% Miners, 10% Treasury
Masternode Collateral: 42, 500
Yearly Return On Investment: 38.56%, 28.12%
Where To Buy: Binance, Cryptopia

Horizen current price is $19.01 (or 0.00260758 BTC) yet ZEN is by far the cheapest on this list to get yourself a masternode. However, you will have to do a little extra work setting it up. ZEN has 2 types of nodes; Secure node and Super node. Secure node is only 42 ZEN which cost $798.44 (or 0.10952 BTC) while a super node is 500 ZEN and that will cost you  $9,547.61 (or 1.30831 BTC). You would think the return on investment is the same for both but they’re different. A secure node produce 1.34 ZEN (or $25.58) a month with a ROI is 2 and half years while the super node produce 11.52 ZEN (or $219.97) a month with a ROI is a little over 3 and half years. If you’re going to add ZEN to your portfolio I would say go with a secure node so you have funds to invest in other coins as well.

1. Dash

Name: Dash
Ticker: DASH
Max Coin Supply: 18,900,000
Block Time: 2m 50s
Block Reward: 3.35
Block Split: 45% POW, 45% Masternode, 10% Budget System
Masternode Collateral: 1,000
Yearly Return On Investment: 7.22%
Where To Buy: Binance, Cryptopia

Dash is one of the most used cryptocurrencies for real world purchases. This makes a DASH masternode a must have for any investor portfolio yet the most costly investment. Current price for Dash is $217.98 (or 0.02990383 BTC). You will need 1,000 DASH to run a masternode which brings the cost to $217,987.24 (or 29.90383 BTC). The masternode produces 5.93 DASH (or $1,293.53) a month. This brings the return on investment close to 14 years. While the ROI is a long term investment the monthly income is high enough to live on depending on the lifestyle you live.