Best Staking Pools & Shared Master Node Services 2019

If you take the time to read the passive income page. You will see that staking pools and shared master node services are key to building a passive income crypto portfolio. These services not only empower the small and mid size investors to grow their cryptocurrency portfolios like the big investors.

They allow the non-tech savvy people to not miss out. Now you don\\’t need to leave your wallet open to stake or know how to set up a master node on a VPS. All the work is done for you.

Below I will explain what is proof of stake, what is a master node, what is a staking pool, what is a shared master node, and all the benefits that come with using these services as well as the downside of using them. At the end of the day is up to you to go solo or join one of these services.

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What Is Proof Of Stake?

Proof of Stake (PoS) processing transactions just like Proof of Work (PoW). Unlike PoW where you can keep throwing more and more hash power at the network. PoS limits the holder by only allowing them to process a limited amount of transactions.

For example, if you\\’re holding 5% of the available coins on the network then your wallet should only be able to process 5% of the transactions. So the more coins you have the more you will earn. This isn\\’t good news for small investors but great news for big investors.

What Is A Staking Pool?

A staking pool allows people to pool their funds together to stake as often as a big investor would. This means earning more than you would staking solo with your wallet sitting open on your computer. Small to mid size investors benefit the most from staking pools since they could never stake as often as a big investor would doing this solo.

Grow your holdings faster
Someone else maintains the wallet

You don\\’t have full control of your funds

What Is A Masternode?

A Masternode is a computer wallet sitting on a VPS or your home computer hosting the whole blockchain supporting the network and processing transactions.

The network rewards the masternode owner with crypto. In order to run a node, you must lock a set amount of coins in the node as collateral.

What Is A Shared Masternode Service?

A shared masternode service allows people to own a percenage of the masternode. Not everyone can afford to buy enough coins to run a master node on their own. This empowers everyone to join in and enjoy the passive income while supporting the network.

Requires small investment
Grow your holdings faster

You don\\’t have full control of your funds
Someone else needs to replace your share if you want out

Staking Pools & Shared Masternode Services

#1 Simple POS Pool

Website: Simple POS Pool
Coins Listed: 46
Deposit: Anytime
Withdraw: Once per day
Masternode Slot: 0.1% to 1%
Staking Reward Fee: 3%
Masternodes Reward Fee: 5%
Support: Discord Group

Simple POS Pool Review

This service is by far my favorite. The owner is super friendly as well as the people he picked to be mods in the discord group handling support. I can say that Simple POS Pool (SPP) focuses on quality over quantity. Some coins get listed when it shouldn\\’t but that\\’s the community demanding it get listed.

The website is rarely down for maintenance, you get news directly in your dashboard, and news in the discord group. It\\’s pretty hard to miss updates unless you decided to deposit your funds and completely forget it about them.

When you deposit into the SPP website. Your coins are already in the staking pool. If you want to get into a master node you will have to go to the masternode page. Getting in and out of a masternode is pretty easy. Plus, your masternode rewards are paid out once a day.

#2 Staking Lab

Website: Staking Lab
Coins Listed: 43
Deposit: Anytime
Withdraw: Once per week
Masternode Slot: 0.1% to 1%
Staking Reward Fee: 3%, Withdraw fee 0.1%
Masternodes Reward Fee: 5%
Instant Node Reward Fee: 7.5%, Deposit fee 3%,
and Withdraw fee 0.1%.
Support: Discord Group

Staking Lab Review

Staking Lab (SL) is a staking pool I have a love/hate relationship with. I will get into the reasons why I love SL but first let\\’s get into why I hate SL. When you deposit your funds they go into your “SL wallet” not straight into a staking pool. If you want to get technical you have 3; Deposit, Standard Rewards, and Instant Rewards.

So when you deposit, its sitting in your wallet. Now you have to enter a staking pool or masternode or instant node. If you enter your coins in a staking pool or masternode then your rewards goes into “standard rewards”. If you enter your coins into a instant node then your rewards go into the instant rewards. The minimum to reinvest or withdraw is 1 coin. Let\\’s say you have 50 in standard rewards and 0.50 in instant rewards. You can withdraw the standard rewards but not the instant rewards (different wallet).

Now you know why I hate SL now let\\’s get into why I love SL. The minimum amount to get into a master node is 1 coin! Let\\’s say I hit up a faucet or got 1 coin from a giveaway. I can throw that 1 coin into a masternode and let it build. This staking pool is one of the best ways to grow your crypto portfolio from a small invest.

#3 Stakecube

Website: Stakecube
Coins Listed: 24
Deposit: Anytime
Withdraw: Once per day
Masternode Slot: 1%
Staking Reward Fee: 3%
Masternodes Reward Fee: 3%
Support: Discord Group

Stakecube Review

Stakecube (SC) is the newest staking pool out of the ones I have listed. This one quickly rose to #2 from the moment it was launched the owners was adding features as the community was requesting them. They came into this market with a unique twist unlike the other staking pools.

SC offers a staking pool, shared masternodes, faucets, bounties, and 1% of the fees they collect are split 0.5% goes into airdrops for its users and 0.5% goes into lottery a for its users. Even if you started with no crypto at all you could earn some crypto just from the faucets and bounties.

When you deposit funds into SC they\\’re already in the staking pool. You will have to go to masternode page if you want to add your coins into one. Its pretty easy to get in and out of a masternode. Masternode rewards are paid out as they come in.

#4 BTCpop

Website: BTCpop
Coins Listed: 100+
Deposit: Anytime
Withdraw: Anytime
Staking Reward Fee: 2%
Support: Live chat

BTCpop Review

BTCpop is a peer to peer bitcoin loaning platform that also offers an alt exchange, faucets, and a staking pool. I will have to say this is by far the best staking pool to use if you’re starting from 0 crypto. I love that withdraws are quick and I don’t have to wait for the withdraw window like the staking pools above.